Veggie Loaded Mac n Cheese
Veggie Loaded Mac n Cheese

Veggie Loaded Mac n Cheese

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    A kid's favourite, but done Go! Kidz-style using a light, creamy, corn-based sauce, sweet potato, zucchini and high fibre pasta, topped with wholemeal crumbs and cheese. Perfect as an after school snack that won’t spoil the dinner! Vegetable serves per 300g: 2.

    From Skye, Our Dietitian:

    "Getting a variety of veggies into kids' diets is so important as different veggies contain different essential vitamins and minerals to help kids thrive. Eating a range of whole foods also helps to maintain a diverse population of healthy gut bacteria, which helps to achieve optimal physical and mental health in growing kids. But while we’ve packed in as much goodness as we possibly could, we know it has to taste great too or kids won’t eat it! With our delicious mac and cheese kids can have the foods they love and the foods they need all in one meal."

  • Ingredients

    Vegetable stock (water, onion, carrot, celery, parsley, thyme, bay leaf, peppercorns), sweet potato (12%), high fibre pasta (Australian durum wheat semolina, oat fibre) milk, zucchini (8%), corn (6%), cheddar cheese, onion (5%), celery (5%), multigrain breadcrumbs (contains wheat, gluten, soy), unsalted butter, wholemeal flour, extra virgin olive oil.


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Dietitian Developed

Our recipes are created with dietitian Skye Swaney, formerly Senior Dietitian at Australia’s Healthy Kids Association. 1-3 servings of veg. in every meal.

Forever Fresh

Snap freezing locks in nutrients and keeps meals at peak freshness until dinner time. Go! Kidz meals reheat perfectly in just 5 minutes.

Dinner Delivered

Our Healthy Kids Association-approved meals are available individually or in meal plans, delivered frozen to you in recyclable and compostable packaging.

Veggie Loaded Mac n Cheese
Veggie Loaded Mac n Cheese

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