Meatballs & Pasta
Meatballs & Pasta

Meatballs & Pasta

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    A family favourite in our households, we have sneakily submerged extra veggies & supergrains into our lovingly-made mini meatballs to boost the vitamin and fibre content.

    We take lean Australian free-range pork and free-range, grass-fed beef mince together with chia seeds, tomatoes, herbs, carrots, zucchini, onion and garlic and form into deliciously juicy meatballs. We toss them through our rich, 8-veggie tomato sauce and serve with high fibre pasta.  Packed with nutrition, these hearty balls of goodness impress even the fussiest of eaters.

    Vegetable serves per 300g: 2.

    From Skye, Our Dietitian:

    "We use as many whole, minimally processed ingredients as we possibly can – we're not into ingredients with names you don’t recognise. That’s why we use our own homemade beef stock so all the artificial preservatives and additives are left out. It’s also packed full of veg and high fibre pasta, to help maintain and support good gut health. Why do we care so much about kids' gut health? Because research now shows that our gut health affects just about every aspect of our health, both physical and mental, reduces the risk of developing chronic diseases and helps to support a healthy immune system (over 70% of our immune cells live in the gut!)."

  • Ingredients

    Lean beef, lean pork, Beef stock (Beef stock (98%) (water, beef, carrots, celery, onions), multigrain bread (wheat flour, whole grain wheat flour, seeds (linseed canola, sesame, poppy), kibbled soy, wheat gluten, yeast, iodised salt, kibbled wheat, vegetable oils, malted barley flour, vitamins (thiamin, folate)), onion, egg yolk, quinoa, Parmigiano-Reggiano (milk, non-animal rennet), oregano, fennel seed. 

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Dietitian Developed

Our recipes are created with dietitian Skye Swaney, formerly Senior Dietitian at Australia’s Healthy Kids Association. 1-3 servings of veg. in every meal.

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Meatballs & Pasta
Meatballs & Pasta

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