"Australia's first national children's meal delivery service serving up nutrient-dense food developed for the tastes kids love. The meals are all approved by a paediatric dietician and mum, and come in kid-friendly serving sizes."

"We’ve tried it and Go! Kidz meals got the real-life thumbs-up from a fussy 9 nine-year-old. The meals are indeed delicious, a great size and just like homemade."

"Australia's first ever kid-friendly meal delivery service is finally here. Think YouFoodz, but bub-friendly – and bub-tested too!"

"Nutritionists are warning parents that their kids aren’t consuming enough vegetables. It's not easy eating green, but you can fix that."

"Every meal is quick to prepare and loaded with vegetables. We were pleased with the low salt content and despite the meals being quick to heat up, they’re really high in nutritional value."

"Amazing food packaged beautifully to stay cold if you’re not home when the delivery arrives. A healthy meal on the table minutes after walking in the door."

"One of the best parts about having a freezer full of yummy, nutritious foods that are ready to go is giving my kids the choice."