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We have scoured the planet for partners who not only have amazing products and services that can enhance the experience we provide for our customers, but share the same morals and ethics that we have. These are primarily focussed around:-

  • Children's mental and physical wellness
  • Supporting Australian growers and producers
  • Using clean/sustainable production processes 
  • Respecting our natural resources and not adding plastic and non-compostable/recyclable/biodegradable waste to the earth
  • Treating their workforce with respect and compassion through working conditions, diversity in hiring and pay
  • Having the highest standards in professional conduct and customer service

These are some of the outstanding companies we currently partner with:-


We use the incredible Woolcool thermal liners to keep our meals frozen in transit. They use compressed sheep's belly wool which is normally discarded and wrap it in a food-grade, biodegradable film - learn how they do this in the diagram and video below:-



We are crazy about Cobram's Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) - we use it in everything we do. EVOO has been at the very core of mediterranean cooking for centuries; a cuisine heralded for it's simplicity, flavour and health giving properties. The team at Cobram and not only incredibly passionate about their oils, they are the countries largest producer and have turned EVOO in to a science. They have an EVOO testing laboratory at their farm in Boundary Bend, Victoria and test other companies oil from all around the world for their nutritional quality. Hear Cobram's Founder and CEO, Rob McGavin talk about the business in this video.