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Advisory Board: our team of amazingness!


You can't know everything, right! so, every good business needs people supporting it, who DO know everything there is to know about their particular industry. We realised very early on, that our passion for kids, wholesome ingredients and the desire to change the game for kids meals wasn't going to cut it, so, we went out and explored the universe for the right experts to help us.

Here's our dream team.


silvestro morabito

Silvestro brings decades of hands-on direct to consumer retail expertise to the team, having built an outstanding career with some of the Asia Pacific's largest omni-channel grocery retailers from the shop floor to CEO, including Dairyfarm and Cold Storage in South East Asia, Woolworths New Zealand, Metcash and for the last 6 years, running his own retail advisory consultancy - what Silvestro doesn't know about food retailing, well, you know the rest...Silvestro is a Dad to two teenage daughters.


Paul Greenberg

Paul is a true eCommerce visionary and pioneer, having built one of the very first eCommerce websites in Australia, Deals Direct, which he successfully sold to Ellerston Capital, he's been recognised by The National Retail Association, Retail Global and many other prestigious organisations as one of the founding fathers of online retail in Australia. Paul founded the NORA Network to bring together technology and retail to enable retailers to fully understand and embrace the "new age of retail"; a globally empowered consumer and technologically powered industry. Paul is a Dad to two sons in their early 20's.


Amy Quinnell

Amy has spent her career as a strategic marketer with some of the world's greatest FMCG brands, including Coke, Unilever and Fosters Group. Her passion and insight in to consumer behaviour helps Go! Kidz understand and connect with consumers; this allows us to take a truly customer-focussed view, on an individual level and devise ways of communicating with them to inform our marketing and product development strategies. Amy is a Mum to two sons 9 and 12 years old.
Skye Swaney
Skye has been with us from the start of our journey and has been an incredible support and resource for us to bring the dream to life, ensuring that our vision for high veggie content, ready-made-meals is actually possible. She has worked as a qualified dietician for the last 10+ years with the Children's Hospital in Melbourne, been an advisor to the Healthy Kids Association, the nutritional council for school canteens and  running her own practice Shift Nutrition. Skye is a Mum to two boys, 3 and 1 years old.
Glen T. Campbell
Glen brings 20+ years of brand development to Go! Kidz having been the in senior leadership roles of some of Australia's top brand and media agencies including Saatchi & Saatchi, Leo Burnett, Love Communications and now running his own consultancy Brand Heart. Glen has worked closely with the team to define and create our brand and overarching communications strategies.