Are your products Made In Australia?
Go! Kidz is 100% Australian made; we support local communities through the sourcing of our ingredients through local Aussie farmers.

What is the 3½ to 4½ health star rating that I see on your packaging?
The Australian Health Star rating helps you to make healthier food choices when shopping for packaged food products. Most products carry a Nutrition Information Panel at the back of the pack which provides important information about the contents of the food. But as shoppers we are busy, so the Health Star Rating provides an easy way to compare similar packaged food and helps you to make healthier choices. The Health Star Rating system was developed by the Australian, state and territory governments in collaboration with industry, public health and consumer groups. Under the system,

Do you use packaging that can be Recycled?
We take our responsibility as manufacturers to not add unnecessary additional waste to our planet and as such, only work with suppliers who can guarantee that their products are compostable, recyclable or biodegradable. Our meal trays are fully compostable, tray-film and product label recyclable, thermal liners are made from compressed sheep's belly wool which is fully compostable, the liner material is recyclable, ice-blocks contain non-toxic gel which can be washed down the sink and the outer packaging is recyclable. Outer transportation box is recycled cardboard and the packing tape is paper - all of which can be recycled.

I don’t like to use a microwave, can your products be oven heated?
They certainly can, all our meals are oven heatable, they may take a little longer than the 5 minutes in the microwave, but usually will be ready in 30 mins. Please refer to the packaging instructions for each individual meal.

I accidentally placed your frozen product in the refrigerator not the freezer, and it has thawed out. Is it safe to eat?
When our meals have been thawed out, the recommendation is that they be consumed within 24 hours of thawing. If you are unsure as to how long the meal has been thawed, please discard.

Your meals are frozen, wouldn’t they be more nutritious if they were fresh?
It is actually a bit of a myth that frozen vegetables are not as nutritious as fresh. Frozen foods can often have higher nutritional value over alternatives such as produce from the grocery store and refrigerated meals. Here's why.

What is the shelf life of Go! Kidz meals?

Being "Fresh-Frozen", we recommend eating within 3 months, however, the meals can be kept frozen for up to a year.

Do your meals contain “hidden” vegetables as well as whole vegetables?

While it is a great idea to “hide” vegetables in meals by pureeing them, it is also really important that kids get used to the real texture and look of these foods too, so that good habits around eating them are developed which continue into adulthood. At Go! Kidz, our meals contain "submerged" vegetables (small pieces or chunks) as a part of educating children that veggies aren't bad to eat - it's important for them make the connection between seeing the vegetables in their food and it tasting delicious! 

Do your foods contain MSG?

No, our meals are free from all nasties and chemicals. Please refer to the ingredients listings on our packaging and website for further detail by product.

Do any of your products contain peanuts?

Due to the nature of peanut allergies to some members of the population, we do not use peanuts or peanut based products in our ingredients. For further information, each meal packaging refers to any likely allergens to be aware of.

My child has food allergies. Can I be sure there is no cross contamination in the meals?

At Go! Kidz we understand the importance of safety and hygiene. To ensure there is no cross contamination, all allergens are kept in a separate, secure area of the factory. We have in place a number of processes and cross-checks to ensure that cross-contamination does not occur.

I am a vegan. Do you have any products that are vegan?

At present, the Go! Kidz range is not vegan, but stay tuned, we are in the process of developing more meals and foods and understand how important it is to be able to provide a vegan offering.

Is your product dairy free or gluten free?

Not all our meals are dairy and gluten free; in the present range, only the Cottage Pie is gluten-free, however, we will be launching a gluten-free range very soon.

How much do your meals cost?

As part of our mission to bring healthy food to families at a competitive price, al our meals are priced at $6.95 for a 300g serving. We believe it is very possible to provide quality, healthy food at competitive prices.

What age group are the meals developed for?

Our meals have been specially formulated by Dietician Skye Swaney, to ensure they meet the nutritional requirements of children aged 5+.

How many of the 5 vegetables a day are in each meal?

The below outlines the serves of vegetables in each meal portion:

- Lasagne - 2 serves

- Cottage Pie - 3 serves

- Meatballs & Pasta - 2 serves

- Pasta Bolognese - 2.5 serves

How long do the meals take to prepare?

Our meals are stored frozen and are microwave ready in 5 minutes. We understand that some people choose not to use the microwave, so meals can also be oven cooked within 30 minutes.

How is the cooking process different for Go! Kidz product from other manufacturers?

Nutrition and quality of our meals is our key focus, which means that we use whole food and avoid processing. We have teamed up with quality Australian manufacturers who share the same philosophy as us for minimal processing. The process in the sites is just as you would go through in your kitchen at home, but on a more massive scale.

How does Go! Kidz develop their recipes?

At Go! Kidz we are parents, so the recipe choices were partly from our own experience of what our kids like, and one of our aims was to use formats of foods that kids already love, so we have adapted meal types such as Lasagne and Chicken Nuggets. We then worked with Dietician Skye Swaney, to develop the formulas to ensure they contained maximum nutritional value combined with maximum taste. We are always open to suggestions for future recipes and we ask other parents, children and the wider Go! Kidz community. We encourage children and parents to send in their recipe suggestions

How much money do you donate to charity through Go for Good?

We truly are passionate believers in the greater good and feel that is it our moral obligation to help those who are not as fortunate as ourselves. Our focus is enhancing children's overall mental and physical well being and quality of life, therefore a portion of the sale of every meal is donated to aligned children’s charities. 

I ordered a 200g portion size and received a 300g?
If we are out of stock of one portion size, we will generally replace with a larger portion size, or multiples of the smaller size, i.e. a 300g dish will be replaced with 2x200g, a 150g dish with a 200g dish, a 200g with a 300g dish.