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About Us

Go! Kidz was founded simply because we love children. As parents, we want our children to experience everything, to be inquisitive, to discover, learn, explore, feel, understand and develop into the most wholesome human beings they can be. We believe it all starts with the food they eat. Food is fuel, and the body is the engine that drives everything we are as people; put the bad stuff in and the body won't work as well.

For children, it's even more important to have a healthy, balanced intake of food to ensure they have the energy to keep up with their activities at home, school, hobbies and fun-time.

There is an enormous body of research that directly correlates the food children eat to their physical and mental wellbeing, how they learn, concentrate and creative problem solve, to their sense of self-esteem and how they interact socially.

However, the reality of life is that things get busy, busy, busy! As parents and the guardians of our precious little bundles of love, more often than not, even with all best intentions in the world, life gets in the way, we get back late from a swimming lesson, a dance class, basketball practice, music tuition, or work!

Cooking food takes planning, preparation and a whole heap of time, which let's face it, there isn't enough of!! When we polled 150,000 parents in August 2016, and it became really clear that we are all struggling with the same issues when it comes to feeding our families:-

Key Takeouts from the research:-

  • 54% both parents were working
  • 79% had kids who were doing 2+ after-school activities every week
  • 77% said dinnertime was the most stressful meal of the day
  • 87% when stressed, gave their kids anything to eat for dinner without considering if it was healthy or not

That's why we launched Go! Kidz - as parents ourselves who care about what our kids eat but recognise it's not always easy to have healthy, nutritious, tasty food on the table exactly when you need it, we have devised a range of meals that have been battle-tested on real live children between the ages of 5-12 years. We've taken meals they already love and made super tasty, super healthy versions - your kids won't even know they're packed with vegetables, ancient grains, wholewheat ingredients, organic grain fed and free-range meats and eggs.

We want children to be excited about food, understand how and where it's grown, how the farmers love their produce and care for it to make it the best it possibly can be without adding chemicals, grown the way nature intended it to be.

We’ve teamed with specialist child dietitian Skye Swaney and devised a range of meals to suit the needs of you and your family.