Chicken Nuggets dinner time favourite
Chicken Nuggets

Chicken Nuggets

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    Possibly the healthiest nugget ever created, parents can now happily say ‘YES’ to chicken nuggets. There’s no processed, formed shapes here – Go! Kidz nuggets are simply nuggets of free range, hormone-free chicken breast, rolled in our improved Panko-based 'Supercrumb 2.0' that's as nutritious as it is delicious.

    Chunky, juicy chicken morsels, gently rolled in our in-house, wholemeal Panko crumb with Quinoa and no less than six seeds (Chia, Pumpkin, Sunflower, Sesame, Hemp and Poppy), then coated in Cobram Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and air fried until golden. Serve as a snack, great cold for school lunches or add a side of veggies or salad for a more complete meal. An all-time kids’ favourite, made super healthy.

    From Skye, Our Dietitian:

    "We love wholegrains! Why are we so into them? Because they’re full of protein, vitamins and minerals essential for growing bodies, and research suggests that fibre from wholegrains can reduce the risk of developing certain chronic diseases. That’s why we use a range of wholegrains (and equally nutritious seeds) to crumb our nuggets. To add even more nutrients, we use extra virgin olive oil to fry our nuggets which is rich in healthy monounsaturated fats and phytonutrients. And unlike most nuggets which are heavily processed and contain artificial preservatives and additives, in ours all you get is the good stuff!"

  • Ingredients

    Free Range Chicken Breast (64%), Wholemeal Breadcrumbs (12%) (Wholemeal Wheat Flour, Wheat Fibre, Yeast, Olive Oil, Salt, Sugar), Puffed Quinoa (5%), Egg, Chia Seeds (3%), Wholemeal Wheat Flour (2.5%), Pumpkin Seeds (2%), Sunflower Seeds (2%), Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sesame Seeds (1.5%), Hemp Seeds (0.5%), Poppy Seeds (0.5%), Salt, Raw Sugar.


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Dietitian Developed

Our recipes are created with dietitian Skye Swaney, formerly Senior Dietitian at Australia’s Healthy Kids Association. 1-3 servings of veg. in every meal.

Forever Fresh

Snap freezing locks in nutrients and keeps meals at peak freshness until dinner time. Go! Kidz meals reheat perfectly in just 5 minutes.

Dinner Delivered

Our Healthy Kids Association-approved meals are available individually or in meal plans, delivered frozen to you in recyclable and compostable packaging.

Chicken Nuggets dinner time favourite
Chicken Nuggets

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