How is the cooking process different for Go! Kidz product from other manufacturers?

Nutrition and the quality of our meals is our key focus, which means that we use real ingredients and nothing else. We use as few handling steps as possible, for example, the process for the tomato base sauce is as follows:- 

  • Finely chop all the veggies
  • Fry/ cook down the veggies in Cobram Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Add meat and continue to cook down
  • Add stock (we make our own beef stock/bone broth from scratch, just fresh beef bones, veggies and water, cooked for 12 hours)
  • Add Australian tomatoes
  • Reduce for 3 hours to thicken and increase flavour - we don't use any thickeners
  • Voila!! 

The cooking process in the meals is just as you would go through in your kitchen at home, but on a more massive scale.