Supercrumb 2.0 Put To The Test

Not all crumbs are created equal, and to prove it, we've put Supercrumb 2.0 to the test.

Our popular Chicken and Fish Nuggets recently underwent an upgrade, with the reimagining of our nugget 'Supercrumb'.

Dubbed 'Supercrumb 2.0', the new recipe uses our in-house, wholemeal Panko crumb mixed with Quinoa and no less than six seeds (Chia, Pumpkin, Sunflower, Sesame, Hemp and Poppy).

Behold Supercrumb 2.0!

The goal for our Chefs was to make our nuggets taste more familiar to kids, with a texture and taste more in line with what they're used to, while retaining the 4½ health star rating.

So to gauge the success of the new recipe, we put Supercrumb 2.0 to the test with Mums of the Shire and Ellaslist.

Remembering the Original Supercrumb

Before we get to the reaction to Supercrumb 2.0, let's go back to where it all started, with the original Supercrumb.

When trialling our Chicken Nuggets back in July with the original crumb, Mums of the Shire returned some mixed feedback:

"My kids are used to me using healthy ingredients like quinoa (which is used in the crumbs). On one of the nights, we had a little friend staying over who prefers the more traditional bread crumbs/batter and she wasn’t as big of a fan of these healthy crumbs, but she happily picked the crumbs off and ate the yummy chicken breast filling.

Mums of the Shire, July 2020

So while the original Supercrumb was certainly super healthy, it tasted unfamiliar for some kids, and we took this on board.

The Reaction to Supercrumb 2.0

For around a month now, our Chicken and Fish Nuggets have been flying into Sydney homes with the new Panko-based Supercrumb 2.0.

Here's the review from Mums of the Shire comparing the old Supercrumb to the new Supercrumb 2.0.

"While there was plenty we loved from the get-go, one piece of feedback that popped up in our previous reviews, was that without deep-frying or pan-frying the fish and chicken nuggets, the dry crumbs were not loved by the kids.

My kids loved the original nuggets deep-fried, but these new ones were just as good oven-baked. The juicy new-look nuggets are as tasty as they are healthy.

As soon as the kids were down I jumped online to stock up for the holidays. These nuggets (fish and chicken) were yummy, easy, healthy and affordable. Plus, it’s the perfect excuse to add a few chocolate brownies to the cart as well. It’s a no brainer for me!"

Mums of the Shire, December 2020

Thanks Mums of the Shire! We appreciate the feedback, as we do from our customers who've been unanimous in giving our updated Chicken and Fish Nuggets the thumbs up. 

Ellaslist also put the new-look nuggets to the test.

"Go! Kidz fish and chicken nuggets really set a new standard in nugget nutrition—all whilst improving texture and taste. A triple threat! They now boast a brand new crumb that even the fussiest eaters are sure to get stuck into."

Thanks Ellaslist. Please keep the feedback coming!

Try Supercrumb 2.0 for Yourself

If you haven't tried our new and improved Chicken and Fish Nuggets with Supercrumb 2.0, why not stock up now for the Summer holidays.

"They’re perfect for pulling from the freezer when you’re heading out but forgot to organise dinner the babysitter can serve up!" – Mums of the Shire

Like all our meals, our nuggets are made from 100% all-natural Australian ingredients, with no preservatives, and the chicken breast we use is free range and hormone free. Better still, they're still rated 4½ health stars. View our products here.