Frozen Food Doesn't Mean Unhealthy Food

We love working with fresh food, but there's a common misconception that frozen food and frozen meals can't be as nutritious.

In fact, with modern methods of freezing such as snap freezing, frozen foods can often have higher nutritional value and other benefits over alternatives such as produce from the grocery store and refrigerated meals.

Here we look at some of the advantages of frozen food and snap freezing in particular.

What is Snap Freezing?

Snap freezing of food (sometimes known as blast freezing) refers to the process of very rapidly freezing fresh produce or pre-cooked meals.

The process involves pushing cold air at high velocity across foods in order to freeze them as quickly as possible, preventing the formation of ice crystals within the food and other unwanted physical changes.

Healthy Benefits of Snap Frozen Foods


Freezing preserves the nutrients and vitamins in food, so you will often find nutrient levels such as vitamin C remain higher in frozen foods compared to fresh. This is because some nutrients in fresh produce and refrigerated meals are diminished by exposure to light, air and temperature as they move through the chain from producers, to wholesalers, to retailers, and ultimately to you.

"Frozen vegetables generally equalled or outperformed fresh vegetables for nutrient concentration."

As evidence of this, a two-year scientific study published in 2017 found that frozen vegetables generally equalled or outperformed fresh vegetables for nutrient concentration.

No Artificial Preservatives

Frozen food has a much longer shelf life than fresh and refrigerated foods, but without the need for artificial preservatives. For this reason, refrigerated meals often contain a range of preservatives that are simply unnecessary in frozen meals.

Taste & Freshness

Snap freezing is well known in the food industry for its ability to preserve not just the nutrition but also the physical properties of fresh ingredients and cooked meals. Because the rapid speed of snap freezing prevents the formation of ice crystals within the food, it prevents damage to the food's texture and taste that would otherwise occur with normal, slower freezing. 

Convenient Healthy Food

Frozen meals are convenient because they have a long shelf life in your home freezer. So even if mealtime is a mad rush, choosing healthy frozen meals can provide a genuinely nutritious, all-natural option that's ready in a flash.

Advantages for Our Customers

We snap freeze our entire range of healthy children's meals and they're delivered frozen to you in recyclable and compostable insulated packaging. This process means we're able to lock in the nutrients immediately after cooking and our meals will remain at peak freshness in your home freezer until consumption.

Snap freezing also means our meals are made preservative free, from all-natural 100% fresh Australian ingredients. Every meal has a 3½ to 4½ health star rating, up to 3 serves of vegetables, and is balanced for maximum nutrition and taste.